Friday, May 30, 2008

Eccentric behavior ?

Imelda Marcos,once uncrowned queen of the Philippines,was born into poor family of five children,who lived with thier mother in a garage, sleeping on makeshift beds made of milk boxes and boards. when she became a young woman,she entered beauty contests in the Philippines and eventually married Ferdinand Marcos. she was especially impressed by his personal hoard of American green backs,which he really allegedly kept in piles in a private bank vault. she married him after a "romance" lasting eleven days. the Marcoses were to rule the Philippines for generation,during which they amassed wealth approximately 10 billion dollars,while the masses of Filipinos lived in poverty. Imelda did things during this time such as buying 12million dollars worth of jewelry on one trip to Europe alone. she opened a Philippine beach resort and sent a plane to Australia for some sand for it. she spent 10 million dollars on her daughter's wedding.
she claimed that there were no poor people in Phillippines. when Marcos of rule ended, 3thousand pairs of shoes,all belong to her,were found left behind in Malacanang palace. This is what she is remembered for.

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