Friday, May 30, 2008

Ethiopian Food

Him and I like to eat out,and explore different varieties of food,from different countries.

We learned that there is a newly opened Ethiopian restaurant,which he read about in the local newspaper; so, we decided to go there for dinner when he arrieved from work.

thier food actually was good; they have this unique kind of bread. my SO likes thier wine,coffee and beer...i like the wine as well it's really good tasting ! we used our hands when eating there,because it's thier tradition not to use any kind of untensils. amazing ! well.. the price wasn't that bad at all......Teff, a grain from Ethiopia,is used to make a flat, thin type of bread. A large round piece of this bread is used to completely cover a big platter,and the various different items of Ethiopian food are sitting on top of the bread,in distinct clumps.

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Anonymous said...

We haven't tried Ethiopian food. I think its similar to indian Roti prata. Yah, Ethiopian coffee is really good.