Monday, June 16, 2008

Things that I wanna do

(these are not neccesarily in order)

--- travel to Japan,Korea, UAE, Egypt,Australia,Findland,Scothland,Germany
--- Invests business, such as; GYM, fine restaurant and spa
--- learn how to sing like a profestional singer
--- learn how to dance a ball room dancing
--- learn how to mix the cocktail
--- learn how to sky diving
---learn how to use guns (for protection purposes)
--- meet all people that I've known and have reunion
--- travel all the 50 states in America
--- be an interior designer
--- have 2 children
--- learn how to do ice skiing
--- climb the highest mountain
--- be a charity
--- have my OWN two big houses. one is in Butuan and one in Cebu

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

11. Count your Billion $$$$ hehehe.