Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coral Castle

Once upon a time, in eastern Europe, there was a man named " Ed" He was five feet tall,and
weight 100 pounds. he was in love with a sixteen year old girl. he thought they were going to get married,but she rejected him. he left his homeland and came to America. he spent time in various parts of the U.S and worked at various different jobs; eventually, he settled in South Florida. he bought some land in South of Miami,and he lived there by himself. his story is strange. there is rock in the earth's foundations under South Florida; the rock formed from the fossils of pre historic coral. somehow,alone, working at night by lantern light " Ed" cut huge blocks of this " rock coral" and used them to build, single handed, what is now called the " Coral Castle" no one knows how he did this, a little man, working by himself, with no electricity or power tools and " Ed" refused to tell anyone. he dedicated this astonishing complex of stone buildings and sculture to the girl who had rejected him. he lived in it,with no job or income, for the rest of his life; the secret of it's construction died with him...............{ I took the pictures of that place}
This is where he lived and his creations, the old stones etc

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