Monday, June 16, 2008

Filipino T.V Drama series

Bea Alonzo as Betty La Fea; remake of Colombia telenovela I have observe that most of the t.v series in the Phils are mostly unoriginal and also i think it isn't healthy for the young viewers. the shows are full of expletive words and cruel actions and this is not helping the mentality of the children backhome. yes they put "rated parental guidance" but it isn't helping and often ignored. the shows are on early in the evening; children are not sleeping yet. moreover, it makes people deppress,when they are tired already from work,and see this kind of show in which people are slapping and degrading each other etc.

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americandream said...

bitaw lorn, wa jud klaro ang mga tv program sa pinas...puro remake na lang ang baw-an..way originality...LOL!