Saturday, June 14, 2008

Getting a manicure & pedicure in America

I stopped going to the spas because I'm not satisfied with thier service,and i feel like i'm just wasting the money--which is expensive. They are usually suck and are worst at doing thier job,even though they have complete apparatus,still they can't clean well. they do not remove the ingrown of your toe nails and the surface still rough. Unlike in the Philippines the manicurists there are very good at it they are very good at cleaning. One of the things I miss in the Phils. I have my own kits and i learned a bit about how to do manicure and pedicure for myself, i also bought an electric massage.

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americandream said...

maayu paka lorn kay hilig ka ana...wa man jud ko hilig anang manicure ug pedicure oy... basta ako ma cut lang nako ako fingernails ug toenails every two weeks...payts na...LOL!