Friday, June 6, 2008

our pet cat

We found this homeless cat in the street,wandering around; she was not a fully grown cat yet,at that time. she was very skinny,and her ears infested by earmites,and had lots of fleas; and she had a phobia; she was scared to death, when she saw any kind of stick; we realized that this cat was treated badly. We brought her to the vet,to treat her fleas and earmites,which cost us about $500. then we brought her home and fed her; she was very hungry and thisrty.

she grew fast; she's a very healthy cat now. I am not fond of cats; I am more of a dogs lover; but this cat is different. she has a fantastic personality,and unique character. she's independent cat,and very outspoken {lol} she will tell you or remind you if she wants fresh water or food,she doesn't want to eat her food from yesterday. every weekend she requests that she wants to go outside in the patio just to chase the lizards and We need to watch her. during the mornings weekends if she sees me still sleeping she slowly comes up to my face,and sticks her cold nose into my nose. she will knock down all the things from the table just to make noise.

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americandream said...

wow totyal kaayu imo cat lorn...di man jud mokaon ug bahaw...LOL! bitaw oy, swerte kaayu sya sa inyo kay gipangga jud ninyo sya...hay, ang mga iring sa ato kay di man in-ana ka spoiled oy....LOL!