Friday, June 20, 2008


there is a lot of apportunity in the US.
America is diverse,there are many types of people from other countries. it has varied climates and geography,which i find interesting.
America has a complex economy which is a good thing.
i like the way people are more open; they will tell you what they want,or what they don’t like.
The BAD…
compare to life other countries, life in America makes you isolated. it is more private.
despite America’s cultural and ethnic diversity,many americans remain ignorant of other cultures,and can be intolerant of people who they perceive as being different from themselves.
America’s culture of materialism and individualism causes its people to often overlook the value of human existence as separate from material and financial productivity. if you cannot make money and have no money, you do not count. the value of the poor,the elderly,and the child is discounted because they are seen as being unproductive and therefore powerless.

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