Saturday, June 21, 2008

Democratic Vs. Republican

I know that the election is far-away but I am curious which side are you ?

Are you Democratic or Republican? I have recently had Democrats and Republicans described to me as follows:

Democrats care about:

-universal healthcare
- against war
- favor gay marriage
- high taxes
- invironmental protection
- abortion
- legalize marjuana
- help immigrants
- fight cancer- taking care of people

Republicans care about:

- want war
- against gay marriage
- no taxes
- take care of yourself
- fighting terroism
- no environmental protection
- extremely patriotic
-death penalty
- no drugs
-hate immigrants


Gigi said...

Actually, we both like Libertarian. But since there are only 2 choices, my husband and are more inclined to the Republicans side. :D

americandream said...

i am in between as well...huckabee was my man...however, when he dropped out from the republican primary, i switched to obama...hey lorn, this is cool entry...

Gigi said...

Guyz, what do you think of Ron Paul?

Gigi said...

hahaha.. same here but my hubby will exercise his vote but he won't tell me yet whom it is. Actually Huckabee was almost the "man." Too bad he quit. He was in favor of removing income taxes and just have it as sales tax.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats aren't 'against war' and republicans do not 'want war'. Currently democrats are 'for' withdrawing from Iraq (but not until the job is done) while Republicans are for staying in Iraq until the job is done.

Also Republicans don't 'hate immigrants.' They are for enforcing current immigration law (maybe they could be called anti-illegal immigrant).

Republicans don't want 'no' environmental protection, they are just for keeping it reasonable instead of spending billions of dollars on stuff that will not make any significant difference.

Pinaybabe said...

To: anonymous

thanks for d input. I believed that the person I spoke to was just being biased.

Anonymous said...

Republicans "want war" and "hate immigrants"?

How unbelievably ignorant.

Pinaybabe said...

Pinaybabe said...
The person was a teacher for citizenship. she was a young white American lady. probably she's democrats.

June 28, 2008 3:48 PM