Monday, February 16, 2009

Let its snow!

My feet and his feet covered with snow during hiking in snowy day in the neighborhood. yes we do hiking even in a cold winter, as long as we both feel like doing it.
My SO when he was single he used to live into different places in the US every few years and up to now he still does and enjoy it. He and I are moving out and moving in into various places in the US. This is My first time experience seeing a real snow. I like the fact that every place here has different seasons.I like the variety of seasons, I am always looking forward to it. well..while I am still here living in the US. :)....The first photo where there are some people walking was taken by me from ski resort. I did try ice skiing and it was difficult but I enjoyed it; also I did the wall climbing and wow! it was scary when you go down but I learned not to afraid on that part and I enjoyed the climbing as well,it was very challenging. the following morning my whole body, most especially my arms,hips and calves was very sore, I like it though,yes! I like the pain.its helps strengthen the muscles.My SO is not fond any kind of outdoor stuff, he'd rather spend most of his free time stay at home and read his favorate I ended up doing it alone.

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