Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trip to Washington DC

A cute little friend approaching us while we we're walking from the capitol building to go to the parking lot. the little creature came near us and looking at me while I'm taking picture of her/him. waiting for us to give him/her food. unfortunitely we did not bring any.the squirel was not scared to came near us, but had an open eyes and ready to run away from us just in case we capture him/her. take note the position of the feet. lol

Garden infront of the Capitol; the colors of spring are so beautiful. different variety of flowers are started to show up everywhere;and I heard the birds voices they're happy.

in down town in the middle of heavy traffic I was bored and took picture of the building. it was just 3 hours to drive there from where we live.

an old monument. the white house building near to it; I was not able to take the picture or come close to the white house building because its night we were in a hurry to go home and had a heavy traffic; and we we're hungry.

Capitol building where the congress meet

We dine in at Mediterranean bistro; I had chicken kaboob and some dessert. I forgot what was the name of it but it was yummy. the chicken kaboob comes with hummus and salad. mediterranean food is one of my favorate food when it comes to a healthy choice.

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