Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to Philadelphia

On the way home.we bought Lots of margaritas for that night. I rarely drink, should I say I drink occasionally, my favorate is "margarita on the rocks". he drink at least 3-4 times a week. I don't have problem with it. he drink mostly during weekends and he is responsible enough for himself.

I had chicken soup with some wild rice in it;and boiled clams supposed to be appetizer but to me its considered a side dish.

We had dinner at The Grog

We parked a long the street which is a typical parking lot in larger cities

My feet resting in the car window after a long walked

My hand with yellow painted nails holding receipt(click picture for larger image)

Historic monument

There was a couple setting/resting underneath; are they interracial lover too? not surprising

Down Town Philadelphia

Everybody taking picture of the Liberty Bell

heres the Liberty Bell!

we are in the underground parking lot in Independence Hall building

while waiting the red light to turn green. I took picture of the horse next to our car(the horse with haft body shot). horses here in America are huge. hubby said: "there are bigger horses than this ones"... nope ! the woman standing right there is NOT me.

Were finally here in down town Philadelphia

We have to pay the toll. were trying to get out in New Jersey Camden; and going back to Philadelphia

We lost! we're heading to New Jersey Camden. needless to say were not familiar with this place.We just moved here recently from Florida . We live somewhere in Pennsylvania; and it is 2 1/2 hours drive to Philadelphia.

cottage cheese with apple sauce

roasts turkey comes with cottage cheese and chicken soup

I removed the gravy sauce. I prefer the cranberry sauce

Before we started driving to Philadelphia we stopped at Diner restaurant for lunch. I ordered roasts turkey

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