Monday, August 17, 2009

My immigration status is over

I am already a US citizen, and on August 14 I applied for DUAL citizenship, and took an oath to remain a Philippine citizen. Now I can stay in the Philippines anytime I want. Not only that, but in being a dual citizen, I have many advantages. I can buy property in the Philippines with my name on it. Finally, the long journey of my immigration status is over. I'm NO longer an immigrant in this country. I am proud to be American, as well as a Philippine citizen. I am very excited about voting in the coming (US) elections. Also, I want to vote in the Philippine election; this is my first time to vote. I never voted before, mainly because I was discouraged about the candidates. We all know that there are a lot of corrupt people in the goverment, but now I've changed my mindset about it. I realize it could be a lot worst if I don't participate; as an American and a Philippine citizen, I should participate and vote.

My Filipino citizen oath taking held in Midtown Manhattan New York

On the way home, waiting for the GO signal

We stopped somewhere in New Jersey, need to eat for lunch

Here's My order a "chicken figaro". needless to say is not a fine restaurant, but I can say; this food is a fine food ;and yummy. I was satisfied with my order. Italian food rocks! :)

We're entering Pennsylvania. where We are living currently

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Lindz said...

congratulations, you're one valuable future voters to both countries